2017 Award Winners

Congratulations to all of the 2017/2018 Award Winners!

Juniors -
U12 Most Improved - Nell M
Coaches Player - Rebecca P
Outstanding Team Member - Kerra W
Players Player - Libby E

U14 Most Improved - Keleigh Jo C
Coaches Player - Tallulah P
Outstanding Team Member - Imogen H
Outstanding Team Member - Lareesa P
Players Player - Amy D

U16 Most Improved - Olivia B
Coaches Player - Georgia B
Outstanding Team Member - Sophie L
Outstanding Team Member - Emily C
Players Player - Ellie-Mae T

Most Improved - Emily Price
Coaches Player - Emily C
Outstanding Team Member 1 - Katie Esden
Outstanding Team Member 2 - Sarah Faragher
Outstanding Team Member 3 - Sarah Fisher
Outstanding Team Member 4 - Emilyrose A
Players Player - Sarah Allen




Congratulations to Abbie Humphrey who has acheived her UKCC Level 2 award!  Well Done!!




2016 award Winners

Congratulations to all of The 2016 / 2017 Award Winners:


Player's Player: Hollie Lowen 

Most Improved Player: Emily Clemens

Coach's Player: Lottie Clemens

Outstanding 1st Team Player: Florence Gregory

Outstanding 2nd Team Player: Clare Razzell

Outstanding 3rd Team Player: Michaela Toumi

U16 Player's Player: Emily Clemens 

U16 Tigers Outstanding Team Member: Emilyrose Arrowsmith

U16 Pumas Outstanding Team Member: Isabel Blackie

U16 Most Improved Player: Lily Doyle

U16 Coach's Player: Tegan Watkins



U14 Player's Player: Nel Robertson

U14 Most Improved: Lily Straker

U14 Coach's Player: Shani Harbour

U14 Outsanding Team Member: Grace Richards 

U12 Player's Player: Hannah Prideaux

U12 Most Improved Player: Anya Durkin

U12 Coach's Player: Ellie Rundle

U12 Outstanding Team Member: Imogen Hanson 


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